Backup Services from Temple Technology

Stop losing your data!

Our file-based backup solution

Our Online Backup is a file-based backup solution that helps you keep your important files safe from data loss:

  • Cloud-based Backup: Unlike onsite backups, our cloud backup solution keeps data safe from physical data loss threats
  • Secure Solution: Data is encrypted during transfer and storage. our partner's systems, networks and facilities have also been SOC 2 Type II security audited so you know data is safe.
  • Completely Automatic: Never forget to make a backup again. Simply mark important files and they will automatically back up on a set schedule.
  • Multiple Revisions: Set a custom number of revisions stored on the backup server so you can access older versions of a file.
  • Bandwidth Throttle: Adjust the amount of bandwidth allotted to the backup software to prevent slowdowns in day-to-day activity.
  • Open File Backup: Back up files even if they are open and in use, so you can protect even your most frequently edited files.
  • Our full-image backup solution

    TTS Full Image Backup is a focused solution with all the features you need, including a solid backup system, in-depth status reporting and fast restore times, all for a price that actually makes since. The solution creates sector-level backups of Windows’ data volumes. These backups are point-in-time representations of the entire volume and therefore include all data such as operating system, applications, services and configuration settings. TTS Full Image Backup includes:

  • On-premise full image backup software
  • Offsite image replication to our parter's enterprise grade, RAID-6 storage arrays
  • Email reports describing the health and status of your backup
  • Offsite “point in time” backups include 10 daily images, four weekly images and two monthly images